Activity 2

Object/Mechanic Purpose Relationship to other objects Player interaction
Player To navigate the scene, shoot enemies and avoid obstacles If the Player comes into contact with an enemy, obstacle or enemy projectile damage/death occurs. To control
Enemy A ship that tracks Player movement and attempts to shoot the Player. If the Enemy is shot by the player it is destroyed. To be avoided/destroyed by the player.
Obstacle To add challenge to the obstacle/pickup dimension so that the tension is still continuous through the gameplay experience. If the Player comes into contact with an obstacle, the Player is destroyed. To be avoided by the Player.
Pickups To replenish health and ammunition for the player so they can continue to shoot enemies and progress through the level. If the Player comes into contact with a pickup its attributes are added to the to the Player e.g. Ammo+, Health+. To be collected by the Player.
Dimension swap Allows the player to swap from the Enemy dimension to the obstacle dimension or vice versa. Affects collision with certain objects. Enemies and obstacles. To be activated upon Player action when cooldown period has expired.
Obstacle Dimension To give the player a way to collect ammo and health pickups while still adding a level of challenge to the Player. Collisions only with obstacles. To be swapped to by the Player so they can collect pickups and replenish ammo/health.
Enemy Dimension The main dimensions that affects Player progression, enemies appear that try to shoot the player and for the player to shoot. Collision only with enemies and their attacks. Allows the Player to further progress in the game and destroy enemies.
Health/Ammo Bar To display remaining/total player ammo/health as these resources are linked. Affects the Player in regards to forcing them to manage health/ammo effectively. No relationship to game objects just UI. Player to manage and rely on this resource.
Dimension cooldown bar To display remaining time until dimension swap is next available for use. No relationship to game objects just UI. Player to watch this UI element to indicate if they can switch or not.

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