Cycle One Activity Four: Interactivity and Choice

Task 1 – Identify and describe five challenges for the studio’s SHMUP based on the player stories generated in week 2.

The Goal: Reach the end position in a changeable dimensions filled with enemies and obstacles while balancing energy (health/ammo) so player wouldn’t die from self harm.

Challenge 1 (Physical Coordination): Precision: Precisely traverse around the area to avoid death.

Challenge 2 (Physical Coordination): Accuracy: Accurately shoot enemy before they can harm the player.

Challenge 3 (Physical Coordination): Speed and Reaction Time: React before receiving lethal hits and avoid it by ‘shifting’ dimensions.

Challenge 4 (Conflict): Strategy: Use dimension shifter time wisely to collect energy (health/ammo).

Challenge 5 (Conflict): Survival: Using combination of traversal and strategy, the player will have to survive the obstacles, enemies and the risk of destroying self.

Task 2 – Choice – Interface – Actions – Rules – Feedback



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