Playtest Result of Prototype

Upon completion of “Shift” prototype, five random ‘confidants’ were picked to playtest the prototype and provide feedback, based on the Playtest Plan created during workshop.

The following images are raw information taken during playtesting:

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(The hand writing is a mess but it was readable by myself.)

Playtester 1:

  • Holding shift is awkward on the pinkie finger and hurt after a while
  • Like how enemy chases, player need to manoeuvre a lot
  • “Fun!”
  • Like how mechanic is complex
  • Notice how enemy self-destruct (20 seconds)
  • Maybe consider different type of enemies?
  • HP bar isn’t distinctive enough to notice, maybe screen flash when take damage?
  • Can’t shoot asteroid?
  • Outline can easily be guess what they are and easily noticeable
  • What’s the goal? Score? End point?
  • HP pack spawn inside asteroid?
  • Fun scale /10: 7/10

Playtester 2:

  • Like the visual of the game
  • Confused about self damage when shooting at first
  • Interesting HP mechanic and dimension mechanic
  • Dynamic between dimensions is cool
  • Enemy track player when in obstacle dimension?
  • Intuitive movement, diagonally moves faster
  • Can keep track of where things are
  • Fun scale /10: 8/10

Playtester 3:

  • Using shift to dodge
  • No indication when taking damage, maybe screen flash?
  • Clunky hitbox
  • Sometime projectile go through enemy (maybe a bug in unity or bad hitbox)
  • HP isn’t balanced when shooting and collecting HP pack
  • No score? – kills? distance travelled?
  • Explosion smoke effect’s background can be seen as a square
  • No motivation to shoot enemy cause no goal
  • Maybe add enemy in obstacle dimension?
  • Different type of enemies?
  • Found optimal strategy to survive, move speed and exploit the AI of enemy
  • Not encouraged to use resouces, HP and Shift
  • Like the outline objects
  • Need better AI
  • Fun scale /10: 6/10

Playtester 4:

  • Not sure what the shift is for at first
  • Shift = invincibility
  • What’s med kit? How and when to collect?
  • Spawn rate for enemy too slow (RNG), repetitive spawn point
  • Weird hitbox
  • Can see HP bar properly and look at it a lot
  • Power ups?
  • HP and amount of enemy is balanced
  • Maybe score board or save score?
  • Fun scale /10: 5/10

Playtester 5:

  • Know how to use Shift right away
  • Not sure what’s dealing damage to self (ammo self damage)
  • Health not noticeable
  • Strategy required to play properly
  • Maybe shoot with mouse so player can shoot anywhere
  • Didn’t know that spawn was random
  • RNG is good for different play through
  • Different from other SHMUP, not always shooting is cool
  • “Genuinely fun!”
  • Fun scale /10: 8/10

After the playtesting, some comments have been implemented into the prototype to further improve but it will not alter the state of the game and it won’t change game play completely. The game has been optimised for final build and upload after those minor enhancements and changes.


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