Reflection of SHMUP cycle

Professional Development and Practice:

Unity was introduced to me by being a part of this unit. It plays a big part in getting the prototype done so tinkering with it a lot for experience is a must, since it it my first time. Besides that, many tasks were required to be done for this cycle 1 assessment, all requiring different skills. One of that being the ability to work in a team to accomplish one common goal, creating a game. My ability to work in a team was very levelled with the other members, it was consistent and individual tasks were done on time. Another skill required was communication, weather it would be amongst team member or the play-testers. Great communication towards play-testers was very crucial in extracting information and gathering data for play testing result. I’m not a very extrovert person but when times like this, I must give my all, and that’s what I did. I’ve gathered a lot of useful feedback from different testers whom I’ve never spoken to before in my life.

Working in a team:

Team members have a number of similar interests which is very useful when we communicate. This team will stay as one until the final cycle so some strategies were put into place to effectively and efficiently manage the team activities. Communication was done through a Facebook group, if any team member needs help, this would be the place to discuss, as well talking about common interest to procrastinate. Team activities throughout all 3 cycles have been set for each member in order to maximise efficiently later on. First member will tackle act 1 and 4 in the first cycle, 2 and 5 in the second, 3 and 6 in the last. This little cycle goes for everyone but second member start from act 2 and 5 and third goes act 3 and 6.

Working independently:

I’m very passionate about games and creation of one. Passion is my motivation to learn and do new things in this unit. Sometime I procrastinate during work, but I find that very normal as we all need break sometime from a hard working session. Ever since I started this unit, I only get better and better at using Unity, working in a team and managing my time. This is something I enjoy a lot, so it keeps me motivated throughout all the hard work and challenges I’ve faced.

Ethical consideration:

I believe the game that I’ve developed will entertain people for quite some time and stimulate their brain while playing. When scoreboard gets implemented into the game, it will bring some social aspect to the game and let people have fun together and compete for the high score. It wouldn’t have a big impact on the society as the game is quite a small scale. It is a fun little time-killer where players could enjoy when bored or while waiting for something.


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