Professional Development and practice:

Upon starting project 1 I found that my current set of skills allowed me to match the tests required of developing a mini-game in terms of using Unity to combine and manipulate assets, general game design and programming aspects of the game. However, this said I do wish to further advance my skills in terms of basic animation and 3d-modling so that I don’t have to rely as heavily on other resources and can make a game that fits the original concepts, rather than having to make sacrifices due to lack of knowledge. Despite these gaps there are other’s that I managed to fill while completing the project, mostly to do with using the unity editor as  well as programming concepts I hadn’t been introduced to previously. Overall the activity has given me an appreciation for the logistics and planning required for games of greater scale as I found planning made a significant difference to developing a mini-game. Additionally, this has further affirmed my desire to be part of the industry and further develop my skills.

Working in a team:

Working as a team for the mini-game project was relatively effective in terms of managing team activities as each activity was the responsibility of a different team member however we all collaborated and made an input. While the members of the group had a mostly programming background, some had less experience than others with unity. It was interesting to see how each member went about solving certain problems with code and assisting each other at different points of development helped fill gaps in team knowledge as well as solidify that knowledge for those helping the others. Communication was strong between group members with group chats eing used heavily as well as in class collaboration times and this allowed for easy feedback between team members which allowed us to fine tune our individual projects and fix bugs.

Working Independently:

Working Independently was a challenge in terms of motivation, mostly motivation came from the curiosity involved with learning the software and concepts of game design however with somewhat limited prior knowledge it sometimes seemed like a large task to complete until it was broken down into sections. This was probably the most effective work habit as breaking the project down into more bite-sized chunks made it easier to systematically work through and complete however combining this with other assignment work did prove to be challenging.

Ethical considerations:

When it comes to ethical considerations regarding our mini-game there weren’t really a lot of things to consider since we went for a traditional space shooter look and feel. However as usual there were design choices and ideas that had to be analysed to be sure there weren’t any ethical issues with them. Overall there’s a minimal societal impact with the mini-game, this too can be said about how the product created might affect quality of life as it is only a small-scale game and can at most only have a small-scale impact if any at all.




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