My Reflection

  1. Professional Development and Practice

When I first began creating the game I had had very little experience in Unity and programming but I managed to pick it up fairly quickly after watching the tutorial videos and began writing my own code with some help from online tutorials and explanations. I’m now confident with basic programming in Unity and know my way around the program itself but I have no experience in 3D modelling and would like to further my skills in that during the next project. I also plan to include audio in the game as I ran out of time during this one and it will add a lot of depth and help player immersion.

  1. Working in a team

It was easy working in a team with Tom and Khanakarn as they were easy to talk to and had good ideas for the outcome of the project. We decided to divide up the activities evenly but each helped the others to complete them. When it came to actually making the game, we started working on our projects individually and completed the tutorials but continued to assist each other by sharing code or testing each other’s games for bugs or problems and offering advice if someone was having problems. We continued to work as a team and help each other out until everything was completed.

  1. Working independently

As soon as I could, I put together the website to give us somewhere to show our progress and pool our resources to help motivate us. Most of the activities that we were required to do were finished in class as a group and only needed to be touched up at home and then uploaded. The programming step was fun, so I was able to spend hours at a time getting all of the mechanics to work. The biggest problem was that when something didn’t work I’d get frustrated and need to take a break to calm down and be able to think straight again. I often found myself realizing the solution to a problem just as I was falling asleep, so I’d need to get up and try it before I could sleep.

  1. Ethical Considerations:

The game won’t necessarily change anyone’s life but I do hope that with our unusual game mechanics and the potential for the game as a final, finished project that people will be able to play and enjoy it and it might influence other game developers in the future and create a small genre of strategy, shoot ‘em up games.


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