Cycle 2 – Activity 2: Game Look and Feel

Task 1: Mood Board

Mood Board.jpg

File: MoodBoard02

Task 2: Game look and feel

Spatial Dimensions:  Bounded area surrounded by (invisible) wall. Player can move around freely in that specified area. Depends on the settings, the world can range from corridor sized to football field.

Location: Similar areas as in the Mood Board’s images. Outdoor and indoor settings are possible based on the choice of team members.

Props: Objects for decorations of the area include trees, grass, rocks, houses, seats and more. All behave in their own way as they logically should; eg. tree and grass sway, house and seats being sturdy.

Audio: Foot step noises will spread outdoor and echo indoor. Environment will reflect the settings; eg. wind outdoor, mostly silence in door but sound easier to hear.


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