Cycle 2 – Playtest Report

The playtesting was conducted on 5 different playtesters to produce the playtest report. Each one was asked to speak aloud their feeling and thoughts while playing the prototype. The prototype had a known issue that I still couldn’t find a solution to, the problem was informed to the playtesters before they start. The problem was that current score counters won’t reset when game is replayed without restarting first. While this is an issue, it didn’t affect the core mechanics in anyway. At the end of every playtest, playtesters were asked to give a fun score, scaling 1 – 10, 10 being the most enjoyable. The results were recorded electronically on Microsoft Word. Here is the link to the file.

The most occurring comment was the hit box not being sized properly. However this problem can easily be solved by playtestings and improve on it each time. There were also many comments and recommendations regarding the selection of range weapons as well as the behaviour of the snakes. Unfortunately I cannot implement the weapon switching mechanic but snakes can somewhat be improved regarding their movement, especially the green snakes. I was considering another scene in Unity for a new mode but seeing how limited time combined with my limited ability, I doubt it would be done by the playtesting dateline. Coincidentally, a few playtesters mentioned something similar to this mode in question as well.

By the conclusion of the testing, many aspects of the game that needed improvements and been pointed out. This is the major reason why playtesting was conducted. As well as seeing how much the playtesters enjoy the game in the prototype state; averaging the fun score results resulted 6.6/10. In my opinion, it didn’t do as bad I thought it would for a prototype.


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