Cycle 2 – Reflection Post

By going through the design process, I have learnt that professional development requires massive amount of consistent hard work and team work coordination as well as perfection level of time management. I learnt that the design process needs to be done step by step and when in a team, earlier parts of the workload has to be done before team can move on any further. This requires skillful communication between the members in the team to get the whole project completed on time. This ties in with consistency of hard work and commitment to doing them. “Quality over quantity” was a quote I heard from my previous tutor and I stick to it ever since. From all the knowledge I have learnt, there is a noticeable link between them all; without one aspect, the rest cannot be accomplished.

As a major software technology and minor animation student, I have learnt that working in a mixed team of members being very skillful at one aspect is very useful in putting together a commendable game. I noticed that unless you did the major from year 1, things will be much harder to understand and proceed on. As team members, we exchange knowledge on what we have learnt so far from the our majors. Even if we are in the same major, we can still help each other out, there’s always something new to learn. As me personally, I rely on my team mates for quite a bit, when I don’t understand something or just getting them to catch me up to where they are up to.

It is definitely from coding the core mechanics of the game prototype on my own that makes me feel satisfied the most. Especially the the hit box of the shovel and putting all the scripts and game objects together to make the game, it feels like completing a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, maybe more. I need to mention that a team member have purchased some assets for the whole team to used without asking for a money pitch. If I knew beforehand, I would have insisted on paying some for it since I used the assets he bought as well. I was very pleased with creating the animation, even though its as simple as moving up and down, stimulating whacking movement. I feel that the knowledge from my minor in animation has helped in understanding the terms Unity used for their animation process (I’m currently using Blender for the animation unit). Although I got some help from the tutor on making the hit box of a melee weapon, I feel that I can still be proud because of what I have done after leaving the session at home, extending what the tutor has showed me and go further.

The prototype can possibly be criticised for its ethical issues on animal cruelty; smashing snakes with a shovel, although the possibility is critically slim. My thought is that there isn’t any ethical issue attached to this First Person Experience inspired by recent events. I see the game as something not to be taken seriously in terms of reality. Otherwise it would be equivalent to saying saying Call of Duty multiplayer is wrong because people kill each other to see who comes on top. Most games were made for entertainment, but different players get different influence from playing. This FPS was made to played purely for fun. If someone was playing this game without knowing that it is inspired by a recent events, they would most likely never figure it out at all.


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