Cycle 2: Reflection

Professional Development and practice:

Considering the demands of Cycle 2 I found a struggled a little more than usual due to my personal decision from the beginning the make my own 3d assets as well as scripts. This is mostly due to my limited experience with 3d modelling and animation, it was interesting learning how to produce my own assets and it gave me an idea of what it takes to be a 3d artist. Overall Cycle 2 has given me an opportunity to learn new skills and understand a whole new aspect of the game development cycle. Additionally, it has given me an understanding of a different genre of games and what it takes to make a first-person game that feels “complete.”

Working in a team:

Working in a team for Cycle 2 was partly effective in terms of managing team activities and sharing resources and knowledge however for this cycle there was less communication due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. floods, people being sick. This impacted the Thursday workshops which exposed the group’s dependence on these workshops to collaborate, solve problems and share ideas in person. As usual team members were always happy to share snippets of code and help each other in areas that others might be less knowledgeable in. However, in the next cycle it would be beneficial to the group to engage more outside of normal contact ours considering there was major disruptions to the Thursday workshops this cycle.

Working Independently:

Working independently for this task was difficult due to deciding to learn more about 3d modelling and animation so time had to be taken to learn the software required. Additionally, due to the nature of first person games, they can take more hours to produce a prototype of reasonable quality therefore it required more motivation to continue working on the prototype. For future projects, it would be much more efficient to breakdown the workload into section to be worked on over the course of the cycle. However, I was not this organised and it began to show towards the end of production.

Ethical considerations:

Considering the ethical consideration of the game there is the possibility for offence since you do attack and kill snakes in game. However, these depictions are kept as basic and non-gratuitous as possible so as not to make it into anything more than an innocent tower defence. Additionally, there could be inferences made by players that the game could be offensive commentary on immigration however this is simply not true as every model is basic and just depicting one character or model with no sub-context implied. Overall there’s a minimal societal impact with the mini-game, this too can be said about how the product created might affect quality of life as it is only a small-scale game and can at most only have a small-scale impact if any at all.


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