Reflection Post

Professional Development

I learned that teamwork and communication are very important in designing a game. I noticed in the first project that our communication wasn’t especially good but we still managed to produce a set of games that were very similar. Unfortunately this time our ideas varied a bit and our games appear to have gone in slightly different directions. We all put our own unique spin on the basic idea that we came up with and we all produced nice looking games.

Working in Teams and Other Majors

During this process I learned a bit of basic animation from working in Blender and using the Unity animation tool, however, my Blender animations never made it into the final game. We shared some resources but we ended up making our own individual games as we wanted to make slightly different ideas and we were trying to get the most individual experience we could from the project.

Individual Work

I enjoyed making the different venom effects for each of my snakes (as difficult as it was) because it gave me experience programming elements of a game I wasn’t even aware existed. I disliked having to use the default FPSController because my code couldn’t interact with it for some reason and I was too busy to recreate it. I found some sound effects in my SFX library that fit perfectly into the game and required very little editing. I tried a lot of coding that I’ve never had a chance to use before such as Switch statements which was excellent practice.

Ethical Issues

There could be a number of ethical issues related to animal violence that could be brought up about this game. However, pests such as snakes are exterminated, this game just represents a crude way of doing it. I don’t think it will be an issue, especially since the game will never see a major release.



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