Cycle 3: Activity 5 – Interactivity and Choice

Task 1 – Key goals and Hierarchy 


Task 2 – 5 Goals and Player Stories 

Physical Coordination

Goal: Traverse the level and reach the cell door to escape.
Challenge: Navigating through obstacles and using the environment to avoid enemies.

Pattern Recognition

Goal: Avoid enemy/spotlight patrols.
Challenge: Recognise patrol routes and spotlight patterns of movement.


Goal: Reduce enemy numbers.
Challenge: Sneak up on enemies to attack them.

Goal: Escape enemies if you get spotted.
Challenge: Break line of sight and hide from enemies.


Goal: Find the key to the exit door
Challenge: Search the level to find the key and unlock the door

Task 3 – Challenges and Choice 

Avoid enemies and spotlights:

Choices available for the player are to kill the enemies or to get past them by using the glow sticks to distract them. These choices are conveyed to the player by showing them examples of this previously in gameplay. To distract the enemies the player can use glowsticks whereas they can attack enemies to kill them.

Escape Enemies when Spotted:

Choices available to the player are to either attempt to fight the enemies or to escape them. Based on these choices the player can run and hide from the enemies until they go back to patrolling the area or they can attack them. These choices can be shown to the player through UI elements and previous experience. Feedback is provide to the player by UI alerts and changes.


Task 4 – Storyboard 





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