Cycle 3: Activity 7 – Play Test Report

Raw feedback can be found here

The play test results revealed some useful information about the game and what was done effectively and what wasn’t so effective in achieving our team’s PX goals, there were also some bugs exposed in these sessions too.

Firstly the play tests showed a lack of polish in some regards of the game, with testers noting that the game felt it was “lacking something” and other commenting on the level design being quite basic and unimaginative. Of course many aspects of the game concept were not implemented due to poor time management on my part, however taking that into consideration there is still room for improvement. Players would have liked to see more creative level design, more enemy types and different movement patterns for spotlights.

Given these criticisms there were a number of things that players enjoyed, for instance, the look and feel of the game with several testers commenting on the pixel art and the contrast of the light on the darkened sprites gave an effect similar to the concept described to them. Players also quite liked the concept described however they wished it were better implemented like getting the glowstick mechanic fully functioning and implemented.

To address these comments it is recommended to implement these steps:

  • Create additional more challenging levels
  • Create additional enemy types
  • Add different spotlight patterns
  • Complete glowstick and darkness mechanic
  • Produce a more intuitive AI
  • Fix bugs
    • Player animation
    • Rigid body issues
    • Spotlight script issues
    • UI scaling

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