Game Look and Feel

  1. Darkness, prison, light
  2. The game will use square shapes throughout to give a sense of calmness. The enemies will be more triangular to make them seem aggressive towards the player.
  3. Look and feel images. The following images represent how we feel the game should sort of look.






5. The target audience will hopefully feel a need to explore the blackness around. They will learn to find a comfort in the small amount of light produced by their glow sticks and a distrust of the light produced by the enemies.

The player will be contained inside of the physical compounds of the prison/area they are trying to escape. The area will be large enough to require the player to scale multiple ladders in order to reach the highest point. The lights that the player has access to will light only a small section of the total space, the rest will be in complete darkness. There will be no furnishings on the walls and very little in terms of decorations in the area that the player will be navigating through. Switches and ladders will be located on the walls and the walls themselves will be made of brick. The only other people in the game world are the enemies who will try to kill you on sight. They can be found patrolling the level searching for escaped players. The background music will aim to give the player a sense of sneakiness and the sound effects in the game will work to give the player a sense of what they’re doing (Eg. Jumping, throwing)



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