Objects and Rules

Search through the darkness – Players will feel a sense of exploration as they navigate through the darkness of the level and discover new things

Unlock door with key/switch – The player will feel satisfied as the open the door and proceed to the end of the level

Avoid patrolling guards – The player will feel stressed as they try to avoid enemies throughout the level

Throw glow sticks – Players will use the light of their glow sticks to see where they can jump and climb to

Collect glow sticks – Players will feel relieved collecting glow sticks as the may be close to running out



Physics Economy Progression Tactical Maneuvering Social Interaction
Movement (Walking, jumping, climbing) Number of held glow sticks Pre-defined levels Stealth n/a
Throwing/Dropping glow sticks Scenarios to provide a challenge Positioning glow sticks to see
Physics as a mechanic (Gravity, collisions) Switches to control progress
Objects Attributes Interaction Relationships Rules and events
Glow Sticks Dimly light a small area around themselves Can be picked up, thrown or dropped by the player Can be picked up by the player If a player has a glow stick in their inventory they may throw or drop it. Can be picked up off the ground
Enemies Patrol around looking for players to attack Kills the player if they catch them. Doesn’t attack unless they see the player or the player gets too close Chases and attacks the player Chases the player if it sees them. Attacks the player when in range.
Floor/walls Contains everything else in the game Stops the player from accessing areas they should be in Contains everything
Ladders Climbable surfaces for the player Can be climbed to reach areas too high to jump Can be climbed by the player Can be climbed if the player is standing on them
Switches Open doors and light a very small area Can be switched on by the player Can be used by the player. Opens doors/gates Automatically switched if the player walks past. Immediately opens the door/gate
Doors/Gates Blocks areas Stops the player from entering an area Blocks the player. Opened by a switch Opened when the switch is used



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