Playtesting Report & Reflection Post

Players seemed to have the most trouble getting used to how the game played and the physics involved in the game as it is focused around momentum based movement. They quickly got the hang of it but then some of them had issues with the colliders on the player getting caught on the edges of the platforms. I was aware of this bug but I didn’t think it would be as much of an issue as it was. The players didn’t know what to do initially but after exploring around in the darkness, they quickly figured it out. When asked how the game felt atmospherically, the players all mentioned that it seemed fairly creepy. All of the players died once except for one who picked the controls up very quickly and was able to complete the level without even being seen. All players said that they would enjoy playing a completed version of the game and some asked if there were more levels so they could keep playing.

I would’ve liked to develop a second level, but unfortunately I didn’t have time. All of the resources are ready to put into a second level but positioning platforms and ladders is too long of a task for the remainder of the time frame.

I learned a fair amount about using the Animator in unity and implementing audio. The animator always seemed like a daunting thing that I had no understanding of at all so I avoided it at every opportunity but I feel as though I have some basic level knowledge and it seems a lot less scary now. I also learned quite a lot about shaders and lighting as the core mechanics of the game were based around those two features. I initially had some issues with the lighting but after some googling I found out everything I needed to know and more.

In terms of the whole semester, I have improved hugely at creating things in Unity. Before this class I had only briefly touched game making software and could never have created anything that could even be considered a game. The class has been a huge confidence booster and I feel like I could go off and create more mini games easily.

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