Game Upload

Game download link:

Game Controls:

WASD: Move

Space: Shoot

Shift: Shift Dimensions

R: Restart

Escape: Exit Game


Assets from unity tutorial

Asteroids from Unity Store InfectedBytes

Energy Pack from Unity Store Glitch Squirrel



Game Prototype and Contribution

“Shift” The Game

Prototype Executable ZIP Folder

Prototype Source Code and Assets

Read me file inside the prototype executable folder download link.

Contributions: Some of the files were provided by the unit as a template and tutorial.

Asset Store:

  • Mobile Astre Pack vol. 1, 3D Models/Environments – by Works For Fun
  • Simple Box Pack, 3D Models/Props – by VR

Partial Code and Scripts:

  • Team Member: Josh Watson – Partial code in ‘Shifter.cs’
  • Team Member: Tom Hawkins – Script ‘ColourChange.cs’
  • Unity Community Member: Draco18s – All code in Script ‘Outline.Shader’