Gameplay Sketch


We made a quick sketch of how we want an average level in the game to look. The left (Red) side of the page represents the obstacle dimension that the player can travel through and the right (Blue) side represents the enemy dimension. The player can switch between these 2 dimensions with the push of a button and maintains their position and momentum but can no longer interact with the objects in the other dimension. The player can collect health/ammo in the obstacle dimension and must avoid asteroids and space debris. They can only remain in this dimension for a short amount of time (represented by the bar in the top right hand corner of the screen) and are forced back into the Blue dimension when the bar is depleted. There are no collectibles in the Blue dimension but there are a number of enemy ships that fire at the player as they continue through the level. The player’s life and ammo are represented in the top left hand corner of each screen. They are a combined resource that the player must manage as they attempt to shoot down enemy ships without running out of health.