Dividing the Activities

Mekha is doing activities 1&4, Tom is doing activities 2&5 and I’m doing activities 3&6


Cycle One [SHMUP] – Activity One: Player Experience Goals

Player experience goals have to be identified in order to create the ‘SHMUP’ game or any type of games at all. During our studio’s brainstorming session, we’ve came up with three different PX goals to follow and consider. These PX goals are varied to adapt to the different types of player who enjoy SHMUP games. This leads towards the in-depth discussion of players’ experience while playing a certain shoot ’em up game containing certain vibe. How they may react to different stages, emotionally and physically and how they will respond? Answers to questions alike can be used in describing the player experience goals, and that’s what we as a studio did to achieve the below results.

  • Players must rely on their agility to make precise movements while strategically position themselves to avoid and take down enemies.
  • Players will feel overwhelmed with their precision traversing ability and controlled trigger finger as they are required to strategically balance their health and ammo while staying alive.
  • Players will be required to use their accuracy to hit enemies and reflex to avoid getting hit. Outcome of the game will provoke different emotions for different players; excited, relief, clam, happy etc.

These PX goals concepts will be combined and modified to create one absolute PX goal for the game. We love the concept of the game being leaned towards mastery and strategical play style.

  • Players will feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time as they manoeuvre the level with precision using agility and reflex, satisfied and relief when they are able to strategically balance their health and ammo points.

This goal introduces the following PX aspects:

  • cognitive; precise control to manoeuvre the levels and strategical balance and thoughts while the game is consistently running.
  • physical; interaction with physical controls will require the player to use their agility and reflex to control the avatar.
  • emotional; aim to provoke the overwhelming feeling which would turn into sense of achievement and joy upon completion.

It is quite common to see this kind of SHMUP game out there, but as a team, we will aim to make our game distinguishable from other similar concept SHMUP, by giving our game a ‘twist’ game play. Like most of the SHMUP, we will focus on the reflex and agility aspect but we’ll add another aspect of our own; strategy, and focus on this as well. Strategy game play will add another layer of challenge to the game and make it more exciting than it already is. We will heed players’ expectations and experience goal while developing with consistent work and play testing to ensure a high quality result.