Activity 5

The style of game the team is going for is one where players need to concentrate in an intense situation to manage resources with a handful of simple mechanics. Therefore, the team took inspiration from games like FTL (Faster Than Light) to use a deceptively simple concept and adding levels of pressure to gameplay. The game requires only 2D space as it operates like a traditional space shooter styled game in a relatively small virtual space limited to a rectangular boundary. The core mechanic of the Shmup, the “Switch” function has it ideally set in a futuristic space sci-fi location with spaceship enemies and asteroid obstacles. The Audible aspect of the game,  sound design consisted of the clichéd “pew-pew” and “zap” style sound effects as the team felt this added to the arcade style and fun nature of the game since it’s not intended to be taken seriously.Capture.PNG