Activity 1 – PX Goals

We came up with the following PX goals for the game that we want to make for mini-game 2:

Analyzing, speed, concentration

We decided to stay away from using the cyclone as our game inspiration as we assumed that a lot of the other groups would be doing something similar and we wanted to stand out.

Idea 1. We read an article about snakes crossing borders and climbing onto planes and killing the local wildlife so we thought we could make a game about stopping them with shovels.

Idea 2. There was an article about a dog running across train tracks and getting hit 3 times and surviving that we thought sounded like a good idea for a game.

We decided to use the snake idea as it allowed us to do more and seemed like a more enjoyable experience. Below is our studio’s PX goal for mini-game 2.

The player must analyze the wave of snakes in front of them and use their speed to eliminate them quickly and in an order, that allows the fewest snakes to get through. They need to be accurate to not get bitten, but if they do they need to concentrate to work out the pattern of the venom affecting them.

The game-play will rely heavily on physical challenges such as using speed and agility to maneuver around, combined with cognitive attributes such as visual processing, remembering and analyzing to eliminate the enemies in the most efficient order and navigating while under the effects of the snakes’ venom.