Activity 5 – Interactivity and Choice


Challenge 1 (Time Pressure): Defeating the enemies(snakes) before they reach the objective(houses).

Challenge 2 (Conflict): Fight the enemies (snakes) to defeat them.

Challenge 3 (Physical Coordination): Time your movements correctly to defeat enemies(snakes) that are attacking from different locations.

Challenge 4 (Physical Coordination): Accurately attack the enemies(snakes) before they have a chance to fight back.

Challenge 5 (Pattern Recognition): Learn the patterns to the different venoms to continue defeating enemies.


The player can choose the order that they attack the snakes.

The player can choose how close they want to get to the snake before attacking.

The player can choose to let a snake get to the village in order to prevent a larger group from entering from a different direction.


The players can see how much health the town has left and can choose to leave snakes alive at the cost of a little bit of health.


Chase snakes, attack snakes, run around obstacles, jump over snakes.


The player loses if they let in too many snakes, the snakes die if they get hit by the shovel, the player becomes poisoned by the snakes if they get bitten.


Game over screen, snakes have a death animation, player’s vision or controls are impaired.